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i love the 80s.................................

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[24 Jul 2005|05:03pm]
new lj! its pimpingcheese.

please add me. i'm feeling lazy so i dont really feel like adding people but i'm going it slowly. this one is messed up

[20 Jul 2005|12:44am]

i loved it. it was perfect. nothing went wrong. my dress was wonderful, my date was the best. yes i love him he was so nice. i have pics to post but that will be like prob after botb. that should be fun. well i hope all you naz girls had fun! - peace out i'm sleepy
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[15 Mar 2005|06:13pm]

yay i cant wait til my prom. its going to be so much i really cant wait.

and i'm goin to ghost prom!! but i'll be sitting at some jerk's table. oh well. at least i can use my pretty dress. thats going to be crazy cause that day i have a full day at school. i dont want to worry about it cause its in like 3 weeks so.

school is a killer! i hate it! i really want to stay home but i have like 14 days off so i guess i should wait cause if i stay home i'll miss so much work. it'll be crazy.

i have like 30 pics in my photobucket but i reallllllllly dont feel like posting pics cause i'm feelin lazy so i'll have a link up here. you can see my prom dresses there! --> http://photobucket.com/albums/v238/pimpingcheese/

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yeah [13 Mar 2005|01:16pm]
so okay i have to post this.

so as you know i was going to the ghost prom and i got a dress and all this shit like for the prom. (the dress was 400 dollars and some more). then my date whom i'm sure you all love told me that i'm not going because his little gf wants to go. so that meant that my 400 dollar plus dress will prob not be used. so now i'm stuck. i want to go to that prom cause i got a dress. so i'll be needing a date. any takers? oh and the creep still wanted to go to my prom. hm.

then i got a blood test done. ugg. they took three tubs.
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[28 Feb 2005|02:44pm]

* its snowing!!!! *


*  *   *  *  *    *  *   *     *

yay! picture post later.

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stolen from brenda [26 Feb 2005|01:17am]
i took this from brenda

? ? I N F O R M A T I O N ? ? ?
Name: Romina
Single or taken: single
Sex: female
Birthday: 2-12-88
Siblings: one sister
Eye color: black
Height: 5'1"

? ? R E L A T I O N S H I P S ? ? ?
Who are your best friends?: emm i dunno ahaha
You have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no

? ? ? S P E C I F I C S ? ? ?
Do you do drugs?: oh yeah...... try no
What kind of shampoo do you use?: the one in my shower
What are you most scared of?: everything
What are you listening to right now? conan obrien
Who is the last person that called you?: g-mom haha
Where do you want to get married?: on the beach
How many buddies are online right now?: 17
What would you change about yourself?: better grades, get taller

? ? ? F A V O R I T E S ? ? ?
Color: bright colors
Food: pudding
Boys names: matt, josh
Girls names: emma
Subjects in school: computers
Animals: fish

? ? ? H A V E | Y O U | E V E R ? ? ?
Given anyone a bath?: nope
Smoked?: nope
Bungee jumped?: nah
Made yourself throw up?: nope
Skinny dipped?: no
Ever been in love?: no
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: yea
Pictured your crush naked?: not sure ahha
Actually seen your crush naked?: no
Cried when someone died?: yes
Lied: all the time.
Fallen for your best friend?: not sure. my freinds are all boys.
Been rejected?: tons of times
Rejected someone?: yea
Used someone?: nope
Done something you regret?: yea

? ? ? C U R R E N T ? ? ?
Clothes: pjs
Music: conan
Annoyance: my back is itching like crazy
Smell: goldfish
Desktop picture: elf
Book you're reading: english book
CD in player: brand new
DVD in player: nothing

? ? ? L A S T | P E R S O N ? ? ?
You touched: i dont remember
You hugged: my mom
You imed: matt
You yelled at: my mom
You kissed: no one loves me

? ? ? A R E | Y O U ? ? ?
Understanding: yea
Open-minded: yes
Arrogant: yea
Insecure: all the time
Random: when arent i
Hungry: always
Smart: no
Moody: yes
Hard working: to lazy
Organized: ha
Healthy: nope
Shy: when arent i shy
Difficult: yea
Attractive: sometimes
Bored easily: yes
Responsible: yea
Obsessed: yea
Angry: yea
Sad: yea
Happy: ehh
Hyper: ehh
Trusting: nah

? ? ? W H O | D O | Y O U | W A N N A ? ? ?
Kill?: haha
Slap: boys
Get really wasted with?: someone who wont take advantage of me
Get high with: no one
Talk to offline: people
Talk to online: people
Sex it up with: any hot boy ;) no i'm no whore.

? ? ? R A N D O M ? ? ?
In the morning I am: cursing
All you need is: love ::sings song::
Love is: something i'm not gonna see for a while
I dream about: things that i cant talk about
Sexual preference: MEN
What do you notice first in the sex you're into: eyes and hair

? ? ? W H I C H | I S | B E T T E R ? ? ?
Coke or Pepsi: pepsi
Tall or short: taller than me

? ? ? W H O ? ? ?
Makes you laugh the most: people who say funny things --> CONAN
Makes you smile: when guys are nice to me
Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her: no comment. he doesnt know. shhh!

? ? ? D O | Y O U | E V E R ? ? ?
Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to im you?: yea
Save conversations: no
Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: yeah sometimes but not all the time
Wish you were younger: nah
Cried because someone said something to you?: yeah

? ? ? N U M B E R ? ? ?
Of times I have had my heart broken: 1
Of hearts I have broken: 1 + more. i know of one
Of CD's I own: a lot
Of scars on my body: i dunno
Of things that I regret: too many

? ? ? Y O U R | T H O U G H T S ? ? ?
I know: that this is borning
I want: my mom to leave me alone
I have: the best camera and cds and clothes
I wish: i could get the boy i like
I hate: boys
I fear: everything
I hear: conan music
I search: for boys
I wonder: if i'll get into a good college
I love: conan obrien
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[12 Feb 2005|04:27pm]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[28 Jan 2005|07:15pm]
1. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
2. I will then tell what song[s] remind me of you.
3. Next, I will tell you who you remind me of, celebrity/animated or otherwise.
4. Last, i will try to name a single word that best describes you.
5. Put this in your journal.

stolen from alyssa

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[31 Dec 2004|06:19pm]
happy new year kids.

since its a new year i must look back at the last year in my rants.

i hate annoying girls
i hate boys who are like girls

nough said.

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[10 Dec 2004|07:44am]
yo. wow finnally an update. i'm in the computer room not studying for vocab. i must tho. but now i must tell you about my day yesterday.

math- i had a study
english- i still had a study
french- STUDY
lunch- lunch
computers- MYSPACE BABY!
theo- i just sat there and did nothing
psychology- i did my project and i got some laughs and everyone loved it and i must say that i did very well

now heres where my day got even better

while i was going to 8th period, the lead singer from silvertide (sp) the song i aint comin home any one any one ? anywho the dude was there! holy moly this dude knows THE DINO. oh my god. people were getting him to sign stuff and i thought it was funny and i went to see him but i didnt get anything signed but then some girl in my enviromental class got him to come in our room. first i'm like YOU KNOW THE DINO but then i said omg you hung out with franz and jimmy eat world and he DISSED FRANZ IN FRONT OF ME. psh. then brit butterworth asked him what song he sung and he sang it and did a little air guaitre (sp?) then he JUMPED ON A DESK! HOLY MOLY HE JUMPED ON A DESK. it was so "rock" and i must say that i am now a fan because of that.
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i must rant. [01 Sep 2004|07:33pm]
woo i finally saw the mtv awards and this is what i must say. first, its too ghetto for me. secondly, jo jo, your 13 and you sound are look like a whore. YOUR WHITE!!!!!! joel and benji, YOUR WHITE. uggg. i think that x-tina and nelly sucked and i think that i must call that stupid ass channel and be like you give all these like shitty performers the time of day but you CRAM 3 rock bands and hoobaskank, why the reason is that the only song that the people knew? i mean JET and YELLOWCARD were kick ass but hoobaskank should have played their new song. and well they should have let these fine bands ATLEAST finish their songs. they are great and you should let them show their talent. next time i want to see these people ACTUALLY FINISH THEIR SONGS. hm. =(

something i did like. JET won!!! eeeeee i love jet so much. my mom called them dirty and i was like leave them be. and YELLOWCARD won and they are sooooo cute. my sister is like eww and i'm like shut up and go listen to kanye west. hahaha. tru story bout that part. jet performed and i was like omg omg omg and same for yellowcard but i like their new song more. and umm well i guess that was the only good part.

school is okay i guess. i am not liking the 3rd floor classes but its all good. I WENT TO WAL MART and i picked up the avril folders and she's like put them down. I'M SORRY ALLY AND ALYSSA. i tried. we got beach pics back so i might scan them if it is fixed. and umm tomorrow i hope that i may be able to watch the rock countdown without being bothered cause i enjoy watching it and leave a comment and if you read my rant i will give you a hug times 10000000000000000.
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